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Luau Outfit Ideas

Top Luau Outfit Ideas written by: emma.wanjiku Luau parties are very en vogue not only in Hawaii, but many other places globally. To make a lasting fashion statement in such celebrations, it is always vital to be clad in the very best luau outfit. Here then are some luau outfit ideas, you might like to consider. For ladies, an ideal fancy outfit can be a delightful combination of a flowing skirt, which is accentuated with a lei garland. For instance, a classical Hawaiian skirt that has been woven from raffia grass, can be further emphasized with a Hawaiian hibiscus lei garland as its top. Alternatively, you could settle for a neon-blue flowing skirt or even a palm orchid print skirt. Both of which can allow you to strike an impressive figure at a luau party, particularly a beach-themed one. For the gents, there are also plenty of luau outfit ideas they could adopt. For example, a classic flowery Aloha standout suit, consisting of a shirt and trousers can be especially excellent. Alternatively, you can settle for a Hawaiian shirt and shorts suit, in vibrant colors like blue palm print.