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Halloween Party Ideas

Having great Halloween party actually is doable, as long there are few preparation that you need to do. So, here are some of tips you can use to make the Halloween party become the best party ever.


Try to create interesting, unique and maybe scary and unbelievable Halloween party invitation. This way, your guest will get the strong nuance, since they get the invitation until they came into your party. There are many ways to do this, from bat shape invitation or if you want, you can send every person you are going to invite a Jack O’ Lantern and write your invitation on it.


Of course, as the party owner, you need to make yourself looks special. And, you can wear the most unique costume that your guest never expected. You can rent or make your own costume. Or, for more unique costume, combine them and create new costume of monster and ghost.


Game is a must in Halloween Party. For this one, there are many of them you can choose. From Monster Footprints, Ghosts game, Bobbling Ghost and many more.


Change your house into haunted mansion, cave or even cemetery. That way, your Halloween party will be much more special.

DIY Spider Web Balloon Using Hi Float

Creepy Spider Web Baloons

alloween is coming up and have you prepared all the things to throw a party? If no, you need to start thinking from now on so you will have a great party ever for your children. Though Halloween is little bit creepy, but this is something children waited for. As parents, you need to prepare for the whole decoration and start from little things. You can make DIY spider web balloon to create creepy hollow situation in your party. You can buy this actually in store or market but it is quite cheaper if you can make it by yourself. Try to buy transparent balloons in the market and also something which is called hi float.

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