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Great Tinkerbell Birthday Invitation Ideas

Have you ever watched the famous fairy tale movie called Peter Pan? Besides Peter Pan, Wendy and Captain Hook as the well-known characters in that film, Peter Pan is always accompanied with the little cute fairy named Tinker Bell. For every little girl, Tinker Bell is their favorite character and girls will love it if you use it for their birthday. However, you need to make Tinkerbell birthday invitation first before making other things for the party.

Tinkerbell Birthday Invitation for Your Little Daughter

Tinkerbell might not be the main character in the Peter Pan movie, but girls love her so much because she is the most beautiful fairy with little wings behind her back. You don’t have to ask it anymore since little girls always love anything related to the princess, fairy tale, and cute things. That is why Tinkerbell always becomes their main character in Peter Pan. If you have a little girl who wants to celebrate the birthday party and she loves Tinkerbell so much, try to apply this character as the main theme to make her happy. But the first thing you need to make is Tinkerbell birthday invitation to inform all her friends to stop by and come over to her birthday party with glamor and cute theme.

One example of Tinkerbell design you often see on the internet is using your daughter’s picture on the top of the card along with little Tinkerbell beside it, so it looks like Tinkerbell is your daughter’s friend. Also, there is something different between ordinary birthday cards with Tinkerbell card. There are some glitters or sprinkles on the surface of the card. Why? If Tinkerbell flies, you will see glitters behind around her. Also, her strength is related to glitters, so you need to put that also on your invitations card. Another design is using the picture of Tinkerbell alone without your daughter’s picture. By seeing this picture, the guests will know right away the theme of your birthday party without thinking twice again.

You just give the name of you daughter on it so that the guests won’t be confused. However, you may use something different like bringing all Tinkerbell friends on the card, and you might have the full characters of all fairies including Tinkerbell as the main character. But you may put Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and Wendy as well on the card. But you have to make Tinkerbell bigger than others, so the guests will know which one the main character is.



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