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Good Confirmation Invitation Ideas

Confirmation can’t be called as a fun party, unlike birthday or Halloween. It is a holy and sacred moment that will happen once only in your life. People know it as baptism which a young boy or girl has devoted their life under God’s command and reborn to be someone new. However, it is also a sign f you are a Christian or Catholic. To celebrate this moment, good confirmation invitation is made, but it is limited to close relatives or friends.

Designing The Good Confirmation Invitation

Since this moment is close to a religious thing, you need to make confirmation invitations in a formal way. You may not put balloons, cake and other hilarious things on your children’s card. You may search for confirmation design on the internet and choose the best one for your confirmation cards. There are many templates you may find and take them as your example. Most cards use the photo of boy or girl who wants to get the baptism in a big size, and this is becoming the main picture on the card. By seeing the picture of a child, they may know directly if your child is going to get baptism based on their religion in the certain period.

However, many people also make this invitation so simple without putting the children’s photo. They just make this like a simple wedding invitation by applying a cross symbol on top of the card in a big or medium size. However, to support the invitation card, you have to put some words related to confirmation or baptism because the cross symbol has different meanings, so you need to explain clearly about your occasion. Instead of using bright and light colors, some people choose neutral colors for the card like black, white or cream. Another color is decided based on the gender.

If you want to have something special and unique on your card, then you can use luxurious fonts to write the information on your occasion. However, it is better to put the picture of the child since the people need to know the person. The baptism can be done for children or teenagers, so you need to differentiate the card. If your child is little, you can put some stuff related to your kids like cars, dolls, balls based on the gender and their favorite things. If your child is teenagers, then you need to make something mature like flowers, sports or something related to their ages.

Though it is just an ordinary party and occasion, you need to make good confirmation invitation so your relatives and close friends can witness the real moment in your life.

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