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3 Pokemon Party Ideas For Children’s Birthday Party

Who doesn’t know Pokémon? The vintage anime from Japan contains many cute and unique animals that can fight. Also, these days, the world has been shaking by the fenomenal online game called Pokémon Go. Because of this game, there is an illness called “Pokémon Fever”. They also apply this thing into some parties using Pokemon party ideas as the theme including the cake, stuffs, gift, decoration and many more.

Pokemon Party Ideas for Children

To create a big birthday party for children, you need to find pokemon party ideas and it can be many things on the party such as:

– Pikachu ears

Pikachu Inspired Ears

Pikachu Ears

Pikachu is the main star of Pokémon Go game and there will be no party without the yellow Pikachu. Instead of making birthday party hat in the occasion, you can change them all become Pikachu ears as the hats. So the guests who come to your children’s birthday party will feel like Pikachu. This idea makes your party become different from others.

– Poke ball cake

Poke Ball Cake

Another Pokemon idea you can use is Poke ball cake. Just simply decorate your ordinary cake into Poke ball form. As you know that Poke ball is used to catch the Pokemon you wanted. That is why; it must be there on the party as important elements. You can make round cake and decorate it with white, red and little bit of black color on top of it.

– Pokemon cupcakes

Beside the main cake, cupcakes are other main food in birthday party for the guests. You can make different decoration of cupcakes. It can be poke ball, Pikachu or other pokemon inside the story. Use icing sugar to decorate them all and the guests can choose which one they like. Don’t forget to make them as similar as the original one so they would not be disappointed.

May these pokemon party ideas will give you some references in creating your children’s dream party ever and you can have unique, simple and different party from others.

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