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4 Pokemon Party Games Ideas for Birthday

Inside the party, there must be games and this activity can’t be separated from birtday party. Since your children love Pokemon so much since Pokemon Go officially released, you can use this idea to create pokemon party games to tone up the party. Also, every game needs a prize for the winner and you can apply Pokemon for the prize so your children’s birthday party is still using Pokemon as the main theme there.

Pokemon Party Games for Children’s Birthday

In fact, there are many pokemon party games ideas you can apply and make the preparations easily without spending much time such as:

– Pokemon Pinata

You can make the ball like poke ball but in a big version. Hang over the tree or something higher but the kids can still reach it with the hitter. Inside the giant poke ball made of paper, you can add candies, snacks, cookies or toys. One person may walk while holding the hitter with closed eyes. The task is the same with ordinary pinata which the kid has to hit the ball properly until it cracks and the things inside come out so other children can take them all.

– Pokeball hunt

Game is not only made to entertain the guests but also train them to be more active. Another game you can use for your kids’ birthday party is pokeball hunt. Just like the name, the kids have to search for the little pokeballs as many as they can all over the garden, house or yards. Sometimes, you can make more than hundred balls and spread them all in hidden place before the party begins. Kids who can collect more balls will win and they get prize from it.

– Pin the tail of Pikachu

Other game that children like is pinning the tail of Pikachu. Here, you can draw a giant Pikachu on board without a tail so it will be like poster. After that, you can draw the tail separately with certain amount of it with a pin on it. The children will bring one of them and try to pin it on the right position with closed eyes. If they can do it, they will become the winner.

– Pokemon bingo

Pokemon Bingo

It is a classic game of birthday party but the pictures will be pokemon. You can prepare the huge board and draw some pokemon characters on it. The children will say their choice by turns until one person get bingo in their board by making a line with five boards empty.

May these pokemon party games ideas will give you references to make the best party ever for your children so it will not be boring.

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