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Owl Diaper Cake for A Gift to Newborn Baby

Are you confused to give a present for a newborn baby? You might think that the perfect gift may be a blanket, towel, baby cloth and other baby stuff. However, those items are old and vintage, so you need to give another unique and different gift like owl diaper cake. Perhaps, some of you will think that this is just a cake that looks like a diaper. However, this cake is different because it can’t be eaten at all. It is all made of diapers. You need to make all baby diapers into an owl form. You can use flower hair clips that you can buy at the accessories store. You don’t need to worry about price since all the materials and things you need is in average rate even cheaper.

You also need a button to make the eyes of owl diaper cake. To make a big and suitable diaper cake, you may need about 20 diapers or more. The bigger the cake is, the more diapers you need. You can make it by yourself without ordering it in the gift store. You just need to find the tutorial in making this cake or video so you can see it clearly and start doing by yourself. Prepare all the materials and count your money. But you don’t need to buy the whole materials if you can find any unused cloth so you can save your money very well and allocate it for other needs.






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