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Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Invitations for Boys

The invitation is an important thing before the party starting. If you don’t make any invitation for the people you want them to come, then nobody knows the place or even date. If you put the wrong invitation, then the guests will not know about it. For baby shower party, it can be so crucial because it can only happen once in your life. Though you have more than one child, usually shower party is held for the first child only. If your child is the boy, then you can make Mickey mouse baby shower invitations since Mickey is the most famous character in Disney until now. You can make a simple card with baby Mickey on it and don’t forget to put on the term “it’s a boy.”

Also, to make it gorgeous, you can put little Pluto besides Mickey. Pluto is Mickey’s dog, and wherever he goes, Pluto will come along with him. If you don’t want to put Pluto as the companion of your Mickey Mouse baby shower invitations, you can put another picture. Your picture when you were pregnant or your baby when he was still inside your tummy is good enough. Another picture was your baby when he was born for the first time. This will make people know right away if you are going to throw a baby shower party.

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