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Wedding Bouquet

The wedding is something sacred and crucial that can happen only once in your whole life. Literally, all women in the world must be looked perfect on their special moment. Choosing the best wedding theme will lead you to decide the whole things related to your wedding from decoration, invitation, dress, makeup and much more. But every bride has to bring their wedding bouquet. Though it is just flowers, but there is an important meaning behind it. In the end of the party or ceremony, the bride will toss the bouquet to every single woman who comes to the party. This tradition started from Britain and it is still done until now. Women will stand in the crowd behind bride’s back.

They hope the bouquet will be landed by her hands. It is believed that the woman who receives bouquet will be the next bride. It means they will marry soon whether they have boyfriends or not. Usually, women will fight for it and they don’t care what will be the bouquet as long as they catch it. Every flower that is arranged into one bouquet has its different meaning. That is why, when you go into a wedding party, you might see different bouquet. It can show love, passion, caring and much more. However, choosing a bouquet is not easy since you need to consider and match up with your wedding dress so it looks perfectly gorgeous.


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