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Unique Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

When Halloween comes, kids will be happy since they can get candies and cookies after doing trick or treat door to door. If you want to give them food, you can make it by yourself instead of buying them. Also, there are some Halloween food ideas for kids which are healthy and unique such as:

Tissue paper pumpkin candies

During trick or treat activity, kids will go around from house to house in order to get candies from the owner. You might not know how many children will knock your door so prepare the sweets as many as you can. Try to make something simple. Put round tissue papers on the table and add some candies along with chocolate in generous amount. Wrap them like you make Chinese dumplings. Make it round like a pumpkin and there you go. You can give them for little monster outside your house.

Tissue Paper Pumpkin Favours


Pumpkin Favor Pouches for Halloween

Want to make it ? Read the instructions here.

Skeleton ribs

Skeleton ribs

To support the theme of you Halloween party, you need to make scary food. Scary food doesn’t mean that it is made of strange ingredients but you need to decor your food based on the theme. Try to make skeleton ribs. AS you know, ribs is looking like bones and you can place it as the chest. Put the skull in top of it. Don’t forget to give beans for the vegetables.



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