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Halloween Music Playlist for Spooky Ambience

Celebrating Halloween must be perfect including the decoration. In order to support your gloomy and scary theme, you need to create the dark ambience using Halloween music playlist. Though music is a simple thing, but it is good to bring the spooky atmosphere inside your party since you may not put wedding or romantic song on Halloween, right?

Halloween Music Playlist for Perfect Scary Party

Since the technology has advanced, it is not hard to look for Halloween music playlist which is perfect and suitable with your theme such as:

Every breath you take by The Police

People must know this old song from the Police and you might think this is a love song since the rhythm of the song is catchy, groovy and happy. But, it is actually not a love song but scary song. When it was released in 1983, many people chose this song as their wedding song. But if you watch carefully of the lyrics, you might find out another sinister language which represents about a man who always watches every move of his love mate till death. It sounds creepy than the tone.

Zombie from the Cranberries

From the lyric, you might find this song is epic for Halloween. However, the song was not made for Halloween since it is made to memorize death people. It was written back in 1993 as a protest song for two little children who were killed in IRA bombing. Most in the Halloween party, you will hear this song.

Thriller from Michael Jackson

Who doesn’t know The King of Pop Michael Jackson? Michael always makes many meaningful songs related to the situation and also the current phenomenal things happen in this world. It is not only about social matters, but Michael made a scary song called thriller. In that video clip, Michael turned into zombie. You need to put this song on your list since it can bring the haunted feeling in your party.

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May this Halloween music playlist can be your reference while creating the best party ever.


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