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DIY Halloween Cake Ideas

Party is related to something fancy and gorgeous like decoration, music, costume, gift and also food. Cake is not only for birthday or anniversary since Halloween is identical with cakes. The different is the decoration and you can use Halloween cake ideas as the following:

Monster eye cake

Though you are not a cake maker, but it is not hard to make the best cake for Halloween party. You just need to stick to the basic. You can make round cake with some layers based which are enough for the guests. Coat it with white icing sugar or white cream and make sure that the whole cake is covered. Then, you can add some DIY monster eyes. You can make from Oreo that has cream inside. For the eye, you can place chocolate candy on top of Oreo cream. Put them around the cake and your monster cake is ready.

Gooey Monster Eye Cookies

Monster Halloween Cake

By  Ming’s Cakes

Orange Monster Eye Cake

Via whipperberry

Monsterously Cute 4th Birthday Party

Via hwtm

Monster Birthday Cake

Via cakecentral

Monster Eye Cake

By thecakeblog

Spider web cake

Another unique cake you can make for your Halloween party is spider web cake. This is a very simple cake everybody can make. Using the same round cake, you can cover it with white icing sugar or cream. Then, you need to draw the spider web on top of if to the other side of the cake. Use melted chocolate to make the web but you need to be careful not to make mistakes. On th bottom side, you can make spider from Oreo biscuit and draw its foot using melted chocolate.

Spiderweb Cake

Via livforcake

Purple Spider Cake

By Lisa

Halloween Birthday Cakes

Classic Spiderweb Chocolate Cake

By countryliving

Halloween Orange Wedding Cake

By  Stans Northfield Bakery

Orange Spiderweb Cake


Spiderweb Spice Cake

Via myrecipes


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