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4 Halloween Party Games For Kids

Though Halloween is sticking to something mysterious and scary, but it doesn’t mean that children will hate this. For children, Halloween is something to be waited for since it only happens once a year. They want to to be included in some occasions too for Halloween. To amuse them, there are some Halloween party games for kids that can train their skills as well as creativity. Also, the games are safe for children to play without worry.

Halloween Party Games for Kids Which Are Entertaining

Children are so excited when it comes to party and you can hold some Halloween party games for kids that will amuse them such as:

Halloween can games

Do you know bowling game? As you know bowling is only played by adults and no children are allowed to play this. But in this Halloween can games, every child can play this game easily and safely. Simply you can paint the cans with some colors and stack them like a pyramid. After that, you can make the ball from paper. Roll it up until it looks like a round ball. The bigger the better but you need to consider the size with the cans. Then the children can roll the ball to the stacked cans. The children will try to knock down the cans continually. The winner is the person who can break down them all. Instruction here.

Halloween Cans Bowling Game

Witches hat toss

Creativity and motorist skill are important for children so you can make the games that can train their skill but it has to be fun either. You can make the DIY witches hat toss games for kids. Build some witches hat on the ground and make the numbers on every hat. To play the game, the children must stand in certain distance and every kid holds some big rings. Their duty is throwing up the rings into the hats until it it is going inside. The winner will get the gift based on numbers. It can be sweets or something useful for them.

Witches hat toss

Via sometimescreative

Pin the nose of a monster

This game is actually something children always play in birthday party. The difference is the position of picture body. In birthday party, kids always love pin the tail which there is a picture of a big animal without tail. The task of children is placing the tail on the right position of the animal with closed eyes. Same with that, on Halloween you can do the same thing but it is a monster and not an ordinary animal. The monster will lose the nose and kids have to place the nose on the exact position with some direction from a friend. Don’t forget to close the eyes as well. The winner can be decided from kid who can pin the nose closer to the position.

Pin the nose of a monster

From Etsy

Bobbing apples game

If you want to stick with tradition, you need to prepare a large basin full of water and put some apples inside. Since apple is much lighter than water, it will float up and kids will bite it and take it out of water. The one who can get many apples is the winner.

Bobbing apples game

From listplanit

Hope you can enjoy reading and choose your best Halloween party games for kids which are safe for them.

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