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What Makes Wedding Cost Breakdown?

Something unexpected and unpredicted always come when you think that you have planned it perfectly and it always happens in the marriage. The problem is always related to finance and it is called wedding cost breakdown. It happens when you miss to put something important on the list properly and you need to solve this problem.

How to Prevent Wedding Cost Breakdown?

Perhaps you have already put the right things on the list. But sometimes wedding cost breakdown can happen and you need to put some additional lists such as:

1. Bachelorette party

The groups of girls consist of bride and bridesmaids sometimes plan the weekend getaways. They spend a night to have fun before the bride to be is owned by her man. This occasion is a must for girls and you might not know how much money the bride will spend on that. Because of that, many people need to rearrange their financial condition for this unexpected thing. Though you may set up the limit, but the losses is still higher than what you have planned.

2. Wedding license

Who says if registering a marriage license is free? If you want to get registered, then you need to make your marriage legal. But, during the process, the cost can be higher than you have expected before. It can be affected from some things such as the country you are getting married, the states and many more. You need to pay for all the process so you need to prepare lots of money on this matter.

3. Budget for honeymoon

Many people underestimate this thing since honeymoon will always be done after wedding or it can wait for couple of days. But one thing you may forget is the budget to go on vacation with your mate as newlywed. You can be excited in choosing the destination but pay attention to your budget too.

Wedding Budget Checklist

Wedding Ccost Breakdown

Hope these wedding cost breakdown matters can be solved easily and quickly while preparing other things so your wedding can be successful without problem.


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