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3 Wedding Photo Booth Ideas You Can Make It By Yourself

Photo booth is actually one of the crucial things on wedding party and it is a must to keep the memory of the wedding. Photo booth is made to the guests and the design must be perfect with the theme. You may need some wedding photo booth ideas to get inspired and also, you can make some booths by yourself without wedding organizer.

DIY Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

If you don’t have any description about your photo booth, you can get the inspiration from wedding photo booth ideas such as:

– Hay bales and farm booth

Farm Photo Booth

Family Farm Wedding in Pink and Gray

If you want to have an unique photo booth for your party, then you can use this idea and concept about hay bales and farm. You can search on it at animals feed store. Complete the setting with straw background and some farm tools. You can add a rug which is suitable with the theme to give more color. Add vintage frames made of woods so the guests can take a picture inside the frame.

– Vintage mosquito netted sofa

Vintage mosquito netted sofa

Do you know that your ordinary stuff inside your house can be set up into a gorgeous photo booth? You can use your vintage sofa and mosquito net. Just simply hang the net around the sofa and give some decoration. You may add old small table with lamp on it or vase. You can add some dry leaves surround them so it gives vintage look.

– Vintage plates on the wall

Vintage plates on the wall photo booth

If you have no skill at all to create something good as your photo booth area, then you can go back to the basic thing which is using walls. Use plain walls with no motives at all and add many vintage plates on it. You can add a hook behind it and place it on the wall. Go to flea market to find some antique plates or use your collection.

After knowing some wedding photo booth ideas, you may choose which one you like most and try to make it by yourself to save times and money.

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