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How to Draft a 12-Month Wedding Preparation Timeline

Crafting your wedding preparation timeline is a prudent step as it gives you a clear order for executing different preparatory tasks according to the expediency they deserve. It prevents any possibility of forgetting some essential arrangements as this can totally ruin your happiest event in life. Continue reading to know a few vital tips for drawing a 12-month wedding preparation timeline.

1. 12 – 10 months – This marks the very start of the 12-month preparatory season. Preparations for this stage entail setting a wedding date, making a budget, choosing guests, finding wedding planners, and picking the reception site.

2. 8 – 6 months – Choosing the bridal party attire and accessories, picking wedding officials, choosing photographers and videographers, setting up your registry, and booking a florist.

3. 6 – 4 months – Procuring wedding stationery, securing transportation, booking hotel rooms, getting a rehearsal dinner room, choosing and booking honeymoon facilities, hiring hair stylists, as well as reserving any rentals for any related functions.

4. 4 – 2 months –Doing final touches on the wedding cake, initiating arrangements for other menus, mailing guest invitations, and scripting thank-you notes to avoid wrecking your blissful honeymoon schedule after the ceremony.

5. 2 – 1 months – Buying a guest book, getting marriage licenses, preparing change of address documents, drawing a seating plan, confirming the last guest count, preparing toasts for the rehearsal dinner, trying out gowns, attires, and other accessories, retouching formal speeches, ratifying any change of names, and confirming itinerary details.

6. 1 – 0 months – This is the very last preparatory phase for your wedding. These last-minute days should be set aside for finalizing all the necessary arrangements. It should be reserved for doing whatever you may have overlooked in the past 11 months. Some of the items that are often slated for this anxiety-packed duration include preparing payment documents, conducting last ceremony rehearsals, dispatching any remaining essentials for final delivery, and drafting a program for the real wedding service.

NB: To gain a vividly insightful grasp of the essential tips highlighted above, you may need to spare a few minutes and keenly go through the subtle details in the image below.

12 Month Wedding Preparation

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