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4 Main Steps for Your Wedding Planning Timeline Reference

Wedding planning timeline is one of the most fundamental factors that will determine the success of your wedding ceremony. A wedding is a sacred moment that will only happens once in a lifetime, thus, you might want this wedding ceremony runs smoothly with what has planned before. However, it is not that easy to accomplish this mission if you do not prepare it well months before the actual schedule. Below are the timeline that can help you to prepare your wedding ceremony 12 months before until weeks before the D-day for your reference:

  1. 6-12 months before D-day

  • Set the schedule (day and date) for your wedding ceremony

  • Set the budget and theme for your wedding ceremony

  • Set the number of invited guests

  • Book a reservation to hold wedding reception

  1. 4-5 months before D-day

  • Call for person to be your wedding witness

  • Choose and order your desired wedding invitation card

  • Set the theme for your wedding gown as well as wedding decoration

  • Order for the wedding ring

  • Take registration form of wedding and prepare for other needed documents

  • Do a medical checkup

  1. 2-3 weeks before D-day

  • set the Wedding planning timeline and give copies to each families of the wedding brides and grooms.

  • Confirm the number of guests

  1. 1 week before D-day

Last but not least, re-confirm all the wedding stuffs including wedding planning timeline and relax as well as keep a faith that everything will run as planned.

Wedding Planning Timeline

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