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Wedding Invitation Wording

Wording a wedding invitation can either be easy or difficult depending on which path you take. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case as there are simpler and easier ways to do the job.

An easy step-by-step wedding invitation wording guide would involve;

Know who’s hosting the wedding.

Is it the parents of the bride or the bride and grooms parents? Or is it the couple getting married alone or are their parents involved?

Religious or informal wedding?

This will help you correctly apply the wording which best fits each scenario. If it happens that the wedding is being held in a place of worship, then the word honor will be the best to use. Otherwise, pleasure, is the word you’re looking for.

Where and when are you getting married?

This includes the place and date of your wedding. Therefore, after wording the invitational part, don’t forget to fix the wedding date and the place.

Combine 1-3

Once you have all the above details in order, try to put them all together accordingly to create a flow of the complete wedding invitation card.
Once the wedding invitation card is complete, jump into wording the reception and response cards. In the reception card, indicate whether the reception will take place immediately after the wedding ceremony or later in the day. It is to be noted that the time and venue for the reception should be indicated. On the response card, indicate whether there are specific seats designated for the invites as well as whether you’ll be offering meals or not.

To get more details on wedding invitation wording, follow the procedure from the image below.

Wedding Invitation Wording

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