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Wedding Flowers by Season

The most beautiful, fragrant flowers on your wedding day will be the flowers that are naturally in-season. Vibrant and healthy, in-season floral arrangements are a gorgeous, easily accessible way to add flowers to your own wedding event. You may even save a little money too, buying wedding flowers by season.

With the new warm temperatures of Spring, colors should reflect new chapters in your life, happiness, joyfulness, and calmness. Colors schemes to consider that will convey these qualities are light yellows, blues, greens, and white. Perfect Springtime flowers to consider are Blue Delphiniums, White Daisies, Queen Anne’s Lace, and assorted grasses to add flair to your springtime arrangements.

In the heat of Summer,color schemes should symbolize a laid back setting,a blanket of tranquility with style.Palettes to achieve this are golden yellows, muted greens, Lavender and Sky Blue. Try gorgeous warm weather flowers like Lavender, Daffodils, Bluebonnet and Thistle to fill out your bouquets in your summer wedding.

As the cool air of the Fall sets in, so does the foliage-laden wedding season before snowfall. Warmth will fill guests at any Fall wedding with colors like Gold, Red, Burnt Orange and dark Purple. Chrysanthemums, Violets, Sage and Aster are all flattering, cool weather compatible flowers. Fall weddings should focus on nature, calm and quiet, but fun and interesting!

In the colder confines of winter, the best colors to go with are darker schemes of Red, Deep Green, Black and White. The darker colors will warm the room regardless of the temperature outside. The glittering atmosphere will highlight the natural festive feel of wintertime. Winter flowers like Red and White Roses, Holly, Cedar Boughs and Curled Birch Bark are all suggested plant life to include in winter wedding decoration.

To see more helpful tips about seasonal weddings, see the image below.

Wedding Flowers By Season

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