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Wedding Planning Checklist

A wedding is a great occasion for the bride and groom, their families, friends and all other guests. Preparing wedding planning checklist is very important. Proper care and attention should be given in the planning stages to have a successful wedding. Start planning your wedding around a year to the date you have chosen for the wedding to have ample time for getting everything in order.
12 months

Decide on your budget and work within it. Choose wedding venue and mind the weather at that season.
Decide on manageable guest numbers.

11 months

Start looking for wedding gowns; whether online and visit wedding shops. Also, decide on entertainment part by hiring a suitable DJ.

10 months

Book the hairdresser and make-up artist that will work on you and your bridal team. The issue of transport should be worked on now by looking for vehicles that will be on the procession.

9 months

Find a florist to decorate the wedding venue; complete with great flower options and colors. Choose outfits for your groomsmen and bridal party which match which fit the wedding theme.

8 months

Choose wedding rings and make an order with the makers. Also order your invitation cards going by the number of guests you have decided on. Make orders on the higher side just in case.

7/6 months

Order the wedding cake and choose a perfect design. Indicate gifts that you would like and tell the guests. State too if you don’t want gifts. Send out the invites.

5 months

Choose the honey moon place and make proper plans. Make sure your passports are ready if you have to fly out.

4 months

Book final beauty appointments with your hairdresser and makeup artists. Also buy your accessories that fit the wedding gown.

3 months

Confirm your menu with the catering team and pick your wedding rings if they are ready.

2 months

Confirm orders made before and double-check on scriptures with your church minister.

1 month

Try your dress and make corrections where necessary. As the countdown looms to the wedding day, finalize on any outstanding matter.

For get more detail see the image below as the reference.

Wedding Planning Checklist

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