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Luau Party Decoration Ideas

Looking for some great Luau  party decoration ideas? Look no further; you’ll find some great ones here.

If at all possible it is best to hold your party outdoors. Think soft tropical evenings, gentle breezes and lots of lovely flowers.

Start with your luau party invitations. You might think of something along the lines of a Hawaiian shirt, palm tree or flower shape. Make sure your messages state that guests should dress appropriately. Brightly colored shirts and tops, shorts and sandals. Maybe a straw hat or whatever else they have around the house that they think might be appropriate.

When your guests arrive, they should be greeted with a lei to wear around their neck. Women can be given a cute flower to fasten in their hair. Once they enter your yard, they will be immediately transported to a lush tropical island.

Your luau party decorations can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. But you can very easily decorate on a budget. Do you have a pool? You could float lighted candles and flowers in it to add to the mood. No pool? Never fear, a child’s plastic wading pool or two can be filled with water and serve the same purpose. In fact, you could fill the second pool with sand and scatter seashells, starfish and flowers on top of the sand. Use either real or inexpensive silk flowers.

The fence can be decorated with hula hoops held in place by florists wire. Or if you were a surfer in your younger days, your can set up surfboards around the fence.

As evening comes upon you, your yard can be subtly lighted by outdoor string lights and tiki lanterns. You can have a cd or DVD playing quietly in the background with Hawaiian music- possibly Don Ho.

Plastic tablecloths would be the order of the day to set out the food and beverages. Perhaps green or bright floral patterns. You can make centerpieces out of jars that you have filled with sand. Place a candle in the center and scatter seashells around the candle. This would also help add to your soft lighting. Or, if you opt for simplicity, just use a whole pineapple and a coconut or two as your centerpiece.

Amscan Tropical Hawaiian Summer Luau Transform-a-Table
Amscan Tropical Hawaiian Summer Luau Transform-a-Table

You might want to plan a luau party game or two for your guest’s entertainment. To start, you might think of the limbo dance. All you need is a length of stick about 6 feet long. You might also hold a hula hoop contest with a prize to the person who can keep it around their waist the longest. Your prizes would be inexpensive trinkets such as a set of plastic glasses with tropical themes painted on them. Or a shot glass with a palm tree on the side.

Party food can cater to your guest’s tastes. It can range anywhere from a whole roasted pig. Some butcher shops will even cook it for you, and all you have to do is slice and eat. Delicious! But if you don’t think that would be to everyone’s taste, you could just bar-b-que hot dogs and hamburgers to go with your salads. To keep it in the luau party theme put your thinking cap on and come up with Hawaiian sounding names for the dishes you are serving. Desert can be kept simple as well. Just serve a selection of tropical fruits and let your guests enjoy.

These are just some ideas, but they should be enough to get you started on your best Luau Party ever. All you and your guests have to do is enjoy!

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