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Luau Food Idea : Fresh Grill Up Beef Kabob Recipe

Grill up beef kabob is one of luau food ideas for luau themed party. This delicious beef kabob will be perfect for your party guests. The recipe is actually easy to follow.

Grill Up Beef Kabobs

Prepare the ingredients

Before making the kabob, there are some ingredients you have to prepare, such as:

for the marinade ingredients, you need:

–         pineapple juice (6 ounces)

–         ¼ cup soy sauce (low sodium)

–         ¼ oil olive (for dressing, extra virgin)

–         ¼ cup apple cider vinegar

–         2 tbsp minced ginger

–         2 teaspoons of minced garlic

For the main ingredients you need:

–         1.5 pounds’ beef sirloin (cut it into 1 inches cut)

–         1 red pepper (cut it as big as the beef)

–         ½ pineapple (fresh, cut it into 1 inch chunks)

–         red onion (slices)

–         1 zucchini (cut into think coins)

–         wood skewers (as many as you need)

To cook the kabob, you also need to prepare the grilling, bowls, and brush to apply the ingredients.

Let’s start cooking

It is quite easy to cook the kabob, there some steps you have to follow:

1.     Whisk all the marinade in a large bowl and soak the beef to the bowl for about 30 minutes in a room temperature. Do not forget to save a cup of the ingredients before soaking the beef. You’ll need it to season the kabob.

2.     While waiting for the beef, you can pre heat the grilling and prepare the vegetables, and the skewer. You can apply some olive oil to the grilling with brush or sprayer.

3.     After 30 minutes’ pin the beef and the vegetables to the skewer. Arrange the vegetables and meat so you get some layers in one skewer.

4.     Grill the skewers for about 10 – 20 minutes. You can apply the marinade to season the kabob with the brush several times if you want.

You can serve the Grill up beef kabob right away. It will be more fresh and juicy when it is still hot.

Some people would love stronger taste of meats. You can have it to. You just need to prepare the marinade seasoning for one night ahead to soak the meat and keep it in the fridge the night.

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