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Luau Theme Party

Summer is knocking, an ideal time to plan your luau party. Perhaps, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear luau party are girls dressed in hula dresses. You also imagine a guy dressed up in absurdly funny grass skirt dancing without a shirt. It’s your time to host a memorable Luau party with an incredible Hawaiian theme. You don’t need magic to throw a unique party theme. Guests used to music, drinks, and food. However, spicing your event with a bit of creativity can bring the difference. The advantage of Luau parties is that it is an inexpensive party to throw. Here are the ideas that will enable you slowly drift your guests and make them feel they are truly in Hawaii.

Luau party ideas and tips to spice up your event

Add games and contests

Limbo Luau Party

Apart from regular party essentials such as food, drinks, and music, games and contests help to uplift the spirit and make your event more exciting. Make guests take part in limbo in and win a prize. Add a bit of luau music or bamboo pole. The guests can line up and compete bending to see who can make it through. Passing the coconut, throwing spears, hula loop, rolling stones, and foot races are some of the other games you can avail for your guests on that big day.

Center your party on a pool or green lawn

Luau Party in Pool

Let relaxation be the order of the day. Guests need a relaxed atmosphere where they can throw away their shoes and probably socks. Accompany the atmosphere with cool uplifting music, ambient lighting and make sure those pesky insects not show up. A pool or green lawn can transform your backyard into a lush Hawaii Island.

Leis and seashells make it stylish

Aloha Style Party

Aloha style. Perhaps, it is an excellent idea that gives your guests a warm welcome. Additionally, you can also personalize your event with strings of flowers around your garden.

For decorations, give your lighting a unique touch

Tiki Light

Consider string lights, tiki torches, and candles. They create a calm and soothing mood. There are various types of string lights you can find in most retail shops. You can place tiki torches around your pool. Other options you can consider are silk orchids, inflatable palm trees, and hibiscus flowers.

Great feast

Give it a buffet style. Make it crazy by butterflying a pig and throw a unique barbecue. Others you can consider include tropical fruits, pineapple, salad, mango, papaya, watermelon, and coconut. For the cake, make it magnificent.

Turn your backyard into a tropical paradise with creative ideas. The above are some tips you can use to make your event worth remembering.

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