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First Birthday Cake Ideas for Learning Children

Being parents are such blessing and you need to celebrate their moments into the special one. If you have a baby that starts growing up, all parents in the world must be happy to make their party goes well. Here are some first birthday cake ideas you can use as references such as :

1. Alphabet birthday cake

As you know that babies are still growing and in their first age, they still learn many things, see different things as they can see it clearly and also want to know everything. Instead of making something pretty but it has no meaning, you can make alphabet birthday cake so they can learn A, B, C while eating the cake.

Alphabet Birthday Cake

Via cakesdecor

Stroller Alphabet Birthday Cake

Via cakecentral

ABC Theme Birthday Cake

Via anothersliceofcake

2. Safari birthday cake

Besides alphabet as one of the first birthday cake ideas, you can make something different for your children on their first birthday party. Try to make safari or zoo birthday cake with some famous animals on it so they can enjoy their delicate cake while learning of many animals in the world to enrich their knowledge.

Jungle Safari Birthday Cake

Via sweetdreamscakeapp

Safari Birthday Cake wit Cupcake

Jungle Birthday Cake

Via Viviane Varney

Blue Safari Birthday Cake

Via Люба Златкова

Safari Cake

Via cakecentral

Jungle 1st Birthday Cake

Safari Baby Birthday Cake

Animal Family Cake

Via abeautifulkitche

3. Wonderland birthday cake

If you have a little princess that would be turning first, try to make her own world on the cake with wonderland theme. Put some different colors on the layer so you can teach them about color to train their logical skill.

Alice Wonderland Birthday Cake

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Amazing Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake Ideas

Via 100layercakelet

Terrific Alice In Wonderland Wedding Cake

Via betweenthepagesblog

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